Reception for MEXT Scholar in Tokyo on the 18th of November

On the 18th of November, MEXT and JASSO co-organized a reception for MEXT scholars in Tokyo, where newly arrived MEXT scholars could enjoy speeches by representatives from MEXT, JASSO and MSA, experience Japanese culture through for example the demonstration of a Japanese tea ceremony as well as get to know fellow MEXT scholars from a range of universities in the Kanto area.

MSA was not only present at its own booth, answering questions, handing out flyers in both English and Japanese and helping new MEXT scholars in becoming members of our association; we also held seminars about the job hunting process and the daily life of international students in Japan. Furthermore, we also organized an icebreaking session during the networking party, consisting of a ラジオ体操 (radio exercise) and a quiz about fun facts about Japan.

One of our committee members gave an encouraging speech as a representative for successfully integrated alumni.

This was the first reception, where MSA played a significant role in organizing and making sure that everything runs smoothly and it sure won’t be the last one! We hope, that each and every one of the around 500 attendees has had a great time, got to know fellow MEXT scholars and got a better idea of what is going to await them in the near future in Japan.

But no matter what, don’t forget that MSA is always going to be there for you during your journey as a MEXT scholar or alumni in Japan!

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