Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro Festival Outing

On the 9th of December  MSA organized the Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro Festival Outing. Over 40 people, led by Kansai committee members Chika and Daniel, first went over the famous Togetsu bridge to see the mesmerizing, hand-made laterns on the other side of the river. Along the way, everyone got to know each other better, learning about each other’s schools, studies, and respective countries. The journey continued onward towards the main attraction of the day: the bamboo forest, which had beautiful lights to highlight its subtle beauty.

The road to and the destination itself were a little crowded, being the other famous and popular spot in Kyoto, yet everyone still managed to take amazing pictures of the illuminated forest. Our group then continued to the villa, where we took another group photo. We explored the seemingly maze-like temple and finished our trip at the pond that had beautiful mirror like reflections of the surrounding forest and temple. Last but not least, the trip ended close to the starting point, as to make it easy for everyone to go back home.
The trip was a success, having brought MEXT and other government scholars from the Kansai area (and beyond!) closer together and everyone looks forward to the next trip!

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