Our Partners

In this page you will find the list of some of the partners that we are collaborating with as well as a brief explanation of what they are doing.


JAPI, short for the Japan Association for Promotion of Internationalization, aims to make Japan a more global place. It conducts research on foreign students’ experiences and foreigners’ impressions about working in Japan, support for foreign students as well as events to bring foreign students together.


The NPO ZESDA (Zipang Economic System Design Association) is a non-profit corporation aiming at increasing the international competitiveness of Japanese companies by supporting “business producers” who are able to link Japan’s technology with global demand.

Curio Japan (Chezmo)

With “Chezmo Family”, we provide sitting and tutoring service by international students to Japanese families. You can teach Japanese children languages, arts, music, computer and so on, leveraging your skills! A fun and flexible part-time job for international students.
Also, through our wide business network, we help students find internships and jobs at companies in Japan.


iKnow is a language learning tool founded by a former MEXT scholar. It currently boasts more than 10000 users and is even used by universities as a tool for their foreign language courses. Use of iKnow usually costs 10,000 yen per year, but the team has kindly made use of the language learning tool free for MSA members for a year.
For more information as well as to apply please visit this link.