About Us

Who Are We?

MEXT Scholars Association was formed through the merger from MEXT Scholars’ Network and MEXT Scholars Exchange Platform. Both groups consisted of both current and former MEXT scholars who felt that there wasn’t a strong community between fellow scholars – which was a shame since MEXT scholars hail from all parts of the world, have passed through a strict selection process and are involved in all sorts of activities both in and out of Japan.

Given similar objectives, we decided to order to pool our resources to further help MEXT scholars of all stripes and colors and to display to the world what MEXT scholars are capable of.

Through our activities, we want to bring MEXT scholars together as well as to contribute to Japan, which we are indebted to, and to the wider world.


To establish an independent global network of MEXT scholars, past and present, that strives to engage key personnel, organizations, and government institutions, in so doing contribute back in our respective capacities to the Japanese society and the international community-at-large.


  1. To encourage scholars and alumni alike to actively support one another within a community based on sharing personal and career experiences in Japan.
  2. To engage scholars, businesses, and political stakeholders through an international-oriented platform of professional dialogue and social interactions.
  3. To elevate the profile of the MEXT Scholarship and Japanese university education throughout the Asia-Pacific and worldwide.