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Past Events

Welcome Reception of MEXT Scholars 2023 in Tokyo

After a long four-year hiatus due to the pesky pandemic, MEXT and JASSO teamed up with MSA to throw the ultimate comeback bash for new MEXT scholars in Tokyo’s buzzing…

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New Year, New Entry Rules?: What Traveling in and out of Japan looks like in 2023

The past few years have been marked with some very strict travel restrictions imposed on those coming into Japan and making it difficult for those already here to leave and…

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Event Report: Kanto’s February Casual Catch-Up

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all doing well in these complicated times. As a way to brighten up the mood, a quick note on our Kanto team’s event this past February….

Community Our Activities Past Events

Talk to Ignite MSA Tohoku

On the 1st of Feb 2020, the MSA Tohoku Chapter organized an exciting event called “Talk to Ignite”. The aim of this event was to encourage both MEXT and non-MEXT…

Community Our Activities Past Events

Event Report: Kanto Bonenkai 2019

Our Kanto region Bonenkai (End-of-year party) for 2019 was held on December 14th, organized by the Kanto Regional Committee. Over 20 scholars and alumni gathered at a delicious shabu-shabu restaurant in…

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MSA Tohoku Autumn Trip to Yamadera

On the occasion of Japan’s Culture Day holiday on Monday, November 4th, Tohoku MSA organized an Autumn trip to Yamadera (山寺) in the neighboring prefecture of Yamagata. It was the…

Scholars Voices

Scholar Interview: Karthik Rampalli

Karthik Rampalli is one of the co-founders of MEXT Scholar Association. He came to Japan in 2015 from India and is currently a senior undergraduate student in Information Technology at…

Community Past Events

Reception for MEXT Scholars 2019 in Tokyo

On Saturday, November 9th, MEXT and JASSO (in collaboration with MSA) held their annual reception for newly arrived MEXT scholars in Tokyo. Around 600 students from all over the world studying…

Community Our Activities Past Events

MSA Welcome Meet Ups Autumn 2019

This October MSA held welcome meet ups for new scholars in Hokkaido, Kanto, Tohoku, Kansai and Kyushu. We hope that everyone enjoyed the meet ups and made new friends and we…

Alumni Voices

Alumni Voices: Data-driven maker Sau Yee Chan

Data-driven maker Sau Yee Chan kindly sat down for an interview with MEXT Scholars Association, conducted by Nattanon Tharachai, on June 17th, 2019 in Tokyo. Sau Yee came to Japan…