MSA Membership – for Students

Opportunities For Your Student Life and Beyond

By being a MEXT scholar, you belong to a group of more than 100,000 current and former MEXT scholars throughout the world. Among them exist business leaders, highly-ranked government officials and top academics.

MSA is your link to this family so that you can make the best of your student life and make the best plans for your post-graduation career.

What MSA Can Offer to You

MSA operates MSA Junction – a service free for MSA scholars and alumni can connect with each other. The idea of the platform is centered around mentorship because we know the importance of having hearing the perspectives and experiences of some one who has been there.

Because of this, through Junction, current scholars will be able to request mentorship from alumni as well as to contact them. Aside from this, MSA also operates a mailing list, social media and offers guides to your life as a MEXT scholar in Japan.

In particular, joining MSA will provide you with the following:

A boost your student life with part-time jobs, internships etc.

Joining MSA gives you access to a mailing list as well as a job board on MSA Junction where both the MSA administrators as well as other MSA members (including graduated alumni) post job offers and other opportunities that we are aware of.

So far, through MSA, many members have been able to get paid long-term internships, opportunities to participate in international student conferences, part-time jobs and many other opportunities.

More opportunities for your post-graduation career

The job board above will also include full-time posts which our partners or MEXT graduates are hiring for. These may be chances for your first step into your working life.

Also, if you are unsure of how it is to work in a certain field or company, why not ask the alumni? Through signing up and using MSA Junction, you will be able to search for alumni working in specific fields and companies and ask them for their experience.

Especially for those considering academia and research…

We also know that many MEXT scholars are considering posts in academia and research and that these fields in particular have very limited information about possible job openings and how to prepare to apply for them.

Within our network, we have many examples of MEXT scholars who have graduated and assumed academic posts within Japan. Through MSA Junction, you are also able to search for alumni based on their field of study. This may an important way for you to learn about how it is to work and do research after graduation.

Considering further studies?

MSA also gives you the opportunity to connect with members who have gone for further studies – both within and outside of Japan. When considering your options and what further studies may provide to you, we hope that MSA will be a resource that you can use to decide the best step for yourself.

At No Cost

MSA is a voluntary and not-for-profit organization run by a group of current and graduated MEXT Scholars. Membership and use of the above tools is completely free for MEXT scholars (including alumni). We do hope that you can contribute back either through volunteering with MSA (send us a mail at [email protected]) or answering questions that you can provide insight to on MEXT Junction.


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