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Usually, there will be two MEXT scholar welcome events in a year, where MSA will be doing sempai lectures in order to ensure that incoming scholars are equipped with knowledge…


REPORT – Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on Graduation Plans of MEXT Scholars and Plea for Special Consideration

TOKYO – November 24 2020. Over the period of the COVID emergency declaration and even after, many scholars have faced significant setbacks to their academic pursuits as the global epidemic…


Japan Re-entry Procedures Regarding The New Coronavirus COVID-19

As 2020 comes to end and the world is still in a pandemic, going back to your country may become needed at some point in time. Japan’s government has issued…

Alumni Voices

Alumni Voices: KHANH NGOC – Venturing, to return

Ngoc came to Japan as an undergraduate MEXT scholar in 1999. Back then, she was a Computer Science student at Can Tho university, a big university in the South of…

Scholars Voices

Scholar feature: Tokyo State of Mind (with Katya and Khamida)

One of MSA’s goals is to highlight and publicize the achievements of current scholars and alumni. By doing so we wish to show what recipients of the MEXT scholarship, both…


Cross Border Webinar on 31st Oct 2020 – How COVID-19 Changed the Business Presence of Japan in the World

It is with great pleasure that MSA is announcing its first Cross Border Webinar with various Japan and MEXT alumni associations throughout the world. The seminar will be examining how…


NOTICE: Possibility for scholars to request leave of absence.

On Saturday, MSA received notice that a memorandum was issued by MEXT on 15th May, 2020, which speaks about provisions for leave of absence (under strict conditions) given the extraordinary…

Alumni Voices

Alumni Voices: Mohammad Muquit

Mohammad Muquit is a former MEXT scholar from Bangladesh. He studied at the University of Tohoku in Sendai and then moved to Tokyo to work in R&D for Sony. He…


Full Guide to Phone Plans in Japan – written by Foreigners for Foreigners

The plan recommended by MSA by GTN currently has a limited time offer where people changing plans from other carriers can get an extra 2GB per month for a year….


Resources for students facing financial troubles

Released as of 29th May, 2020. MEXT has compiled a list of resources for students studying in Japan and who are currently facing financial difficulties and released the list online….