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MSA Quarantine Crowdfunding Backers’ Interview – Sociarise

日本語版をご覧になる方はこちら。 For most of 2021 and early 2022, under strict border controls, Japan stopped new entries of foreigners into Japan, including foreign students. However, MEXT scholars were given exceptions to…

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Halal Food in Japan 101

Japan is starting to welcome many students this year. Many might want to try the local Japanese delicacies, such as Meiji chocolate. Although Japanese farmers do not plant cacao, Japan…

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How much Japanese do I need in daily life in Japan? (Guide for Newcomers)

Some students studied Japanese for several years before coming to Japan, some have only studied it for a few months, and some have not studied Japanese at all. This article…

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Alumni Voices: Kenny Song, Solving a Global Problem by Founding a Tech Startup in Japan

Kenny conducted research on adversarial machine learning and related topics at the University of Tokyo as a MEXT scholar after moving to Tokyo from San Francisco two years ago. He…

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Experience After Quarantine

New scholars need to prepare many things before they embark on their journey to make the best out of their first couple of days in Japan. However, after arriving in…

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Volunteering at the Tokyo Olympics Games: a MEXT Alumni’s Experience

Even as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games become history, the contributions of more than 70,000 volunteers who made day-to-day operations of the events happen should not be forgotten….

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Getting Married and Having Kids in Japan: MEXT Scholars Speak!

Marriage and childbirth can be exciting but also stressful times. And the sense of anxiety is particularly palpable when they happen in a foreign country, amid an unfamiliar language and…

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My Quarantine Experience

Hello everyone. I am Arief Anthonius Purnama, from Indonesia. I arrived in Japan in June 2021. I am going to study at Shimane University. I am going to share my…

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Making Study Abroad a Little Less Daunting for Africans

The Study Abroad Research Institute African students remain a rare breed in contemporary Japan, despite the rapid internationalization of the country’s population. Japanese government data show that as of May…