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Event Report: Kanto’s February Casual Catch-Up

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all doing well in these complicated times. As a way to brighten up the mood, a quick note on our Kanto team’s event this past February….


NOTICE: Special Measures for Signing for Scholarship due to COVID-19 & Volunteer Translation Service

There is much confusion right now about how scholars’ scholarship signing will be affected by COVID-19. MSA’s emergency crisis translation team has gone ahead to translate the official measures published…

Community Our Activities Past Events

Talk to Ignite MSA Tohoku

On the 1st of Feb 2020, the MSA Tohoku Chapter organized an exciting event called “Talk to Ignite”. The aim of this event was to encourage both MEXT and non-MEXT…


Vegan restaurants in Tokyo

As we know there are many students in Tokyo who are either vegetarian or vegan, we listed a few of the most popular vegan places and restaurants in Tokyo! Being…

Alumni Voices

Alumni Voices: Gustavo Dore – There’s more life than working for a big corporation

Gustavo Dore originated in Juiz de Fora, a city in the Southeast of Brazil. Currently, he is an entrepreneur based in Tokyo. Dore came to Japan on the MEXT scholarship…

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Event Report: Kanto Bonenkai 2019

Our Kanto region Bonenkai (End-of-year party) for 2019 was held on December 14th, organized by the Kanto Regional Committee. Over 20 scholars and alumni gathered at a delicious shabu-shabu restaurant in…

Alumni Voices

Alumni Voices: SoftBank planner Sourabh Maiti

SoftBank planner Sourabh Maiti kindly sat down for an interview with MEXT Scholars Association, conducted by Nattanon Tharachai, on June 24th, 2019 at a cafe in Tokyo. Sourabh came to…

Alumni Voices

Alumni Voices: Kiri McLaughlin

Kiri McLaughlin is among the first three Americans to receive the MEXT scholarship for undergraduate students. After completing her studies in Sociology at the University of Tokyo, Kiri positioned herself…

Community Our Activities Past Events

MSA Tohoku Autumn Trip to Yamadera

On the occasion of Japan’s Culture Day holiday on Monday, November 4th, Tohoku MSA organized an Autumn trip to Yamadera (山寺) in the neighboring prefecture of Yamagata. It was the…

Scholars Voices

Scholar Interview: Karthik Rampalli

Karthik Rampalli is one of the co-founders of MEXT Scholar Association. He came to Japan in 2015 from India and is currently a senior undergraduate student in Information Technology at…