Our partners provide both alumni and scholars with unique, enriching experiences, ranging from job opportunities to cultural appreciation events. We extend our sincere appreciation for their kind support, which allows us to organize events and projects to sustain and empower our membership community.

Should you wish to discuss a possible partnership, please contact here.

Special Collaborations


JSB provides UniLifeGlobal – a real estate service specially aimed at foreign students in Japan. MSA is happy to announce that we have partnered with UniLifeGlobal to publicize this much needed service to foreign students and to offer MEXT scholars a discount on use of services. Please see this link for more details.

Platinum Partners


Taktopia & Co. is an educational company that combines the expertise of Habataku, a ‘creative group for new learning’, and Native Mind LLC, a ‘global educational company for students from non-English-speaking countries’. Focusing principally on high school and university students, the company conducts a wide range of operations, designing and organizing study tours abroad as well as practical English lessons using the Native Mind™ method.

Ryukatsu (Originator)

Ryukatsu has been known by international students living in Japan as their job hunting tool for more than 10 years. We provide you with support such as free seminars on Japanese job hunting skills, and job fair information for international students. Also, job agency services both face-to-face and through skype are available. Once you are thinking about working in Japan, join us at, and contact our experienced consultants (English support available).

Curio Japan (Chezmo)

With “Chezmo Family”, we provide sitting and tutoring service by international students to Japanese families. You can teach Japanese children languages, arts, music, computer and so on, leveraging your skills! A fun and flexible part-time job for international students.
Also, through our wide business network, we help students find internships and jobs at companies in Japan.


mingl is a creative studio that provides the nuance, texture and atmosphere needed for acceptance, empathy and compassion. We provide design, copywriting and event planning – with most of our work focused on breaking down the mental barriers between Japanese society and foreign residents. We ourselves hold career events and social gatherings for foreigners so find us and like us on Facebook to find out more!


Sociarise believes that differences are valuable – and aims to holistically help foreigners with their lives and careers. They are currently certified as career consultants for foreign students by multiple Japanese universities and provide services ranging from career counseling, resume refining and visa application support. If you are currently facing a problem with your daily life or career development, do not hesitate to contact them through their official facebook page.


Connect Job
Connect Job Japan provides employment support services specifically for international students in Japan. We offer job fairs for international students only, daily career counseling, interview practice, and other services to meet your needs. Compared to other career support services, the appeal of Connect Job Japan is that it offers more than 10 years of specialized know-how for international students, as well as the opportunity to meet the top companies in each industry in Japan

Valued Partners


JAPI, short for the Japan Association for Promotion of Internationalization, aims to make Japan a more global place. It conducts research on foreign students’ experiences and foreigners’ impressions about working in Japan, support for foreign students as well as events to bring foreign students together.


The NPO ZESDA (Zipang Economic System Design Association) is a non-profit corporation aiming at increasing the international competitiveness of Japanese companies by supporting “business producers” who are able to link Japan’s technology with global demand.


iKnow is a language learning tool founded by a former MEXT scholar. It currently boasts more than 10000 users and is even used by universities as a tool for their foreign language courses. Use of iKnow usually costs 10,000 yen per year, but the team has kindly made use of the language learning tool free for MSA members for a year.
For more information as well as to apply please visit this link.


おうち留学 Homii(ホーミー)

Homii is a homestay website designed especially for foreigners who come to Japan. It matches the user with a native Japanese household, and the user can stay with them in their house for as long as he or she needs. It provides not only a solution to a foreign student’s house hunting problems in Japan, but also a wonderful opportunity to get to know and discover Japanese culture with an actual Japanese family. In order to know more, visit this link!


We are AWL – the market leader in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics. AWL Solutions provide actionable insights and intelligence for AI Industries. AWL has been conducting Proof-of-concept in the actual stores. In February 2020, AWL officially released two services: “AWL BOX”, which adds AI features to existing security cameras in store, and “AWL Lite”, the application which enables Smartphone, tablet and signage to utilize AI features. AWL is the team that will revolutionize the retail industry with AI. We bring together amazing people from across the globe and create innovations that impact the world.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors and partners, without whom our work would not be possible!