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Executive Committee

Austin ZENG

Nationality: Singaporean
School: University of Tokyo / Undergraduate, Grad’ in 2017
Arrival in Japan: 2012
Austin is currently working in multiple startups in the Tokyo tech scene. He is also a member of a research group at RIETI researching about the laboural scene for foreigners in Japan.

Royce LEE
Secretary & Head of Budget and Accounts

Nationality: Singaporean
School: University of Tokyo / Undergraduate, Grad’ in 2016
Arrival in Japan: 2011
Royce is currently working as a business analyst at a management consulting firm in Tokyo.

Head of Partnerships

Nationality: Indian
School: Tokyo Institute of Technology / Undergraduate
Arrival in Japan: 2015
Karthik is into building businesses through networking, marketing and applying technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics etc.

Jorel CHAN
Head of Operations & Head of Kanto Region

Nationality: Singaporean
School: University of Tokyo / Masters
Arrival in Japan: 2016
Jorel is also a research intern at a Tokyo-based think-tank specializing in Japanese bilateral security relations.

Jihyeon KIM
Head of Public Relations

Nationality: South Korean
School: Waseda University / PhD
Arrival in Japan: 2015
Jihyeon’s research areas of specializations are: Court Interpreting in the Bilingual Courtroom, Policy on Interpreting in Legal Settings.

Anastasia BENDER
Head of Media

Nationality: German
School: University of Tsukuba / PhD
Arrival in Japan: 2015
Anastasia is conducting research on intercultural communication patterns between Japanese and Internationals in Japan.


Central Committee

Head of Kansai Region

Nationality: Indian
School: Kyoto University / PhD
Arrival in Japan: 2015
Anirban’s research area is earthquake engineering and current focus is on quantifying the resolution reliability of seismic hazard maps.

Manuel Alejandro CAMPOS MEDINA
Head of Tohoku Region

Nationality: Venezuelan
School: Tohoku University / Masters
Arrival in Japan: 2016
Editor of the Sentinel, Tohoku University’s English newspaper. Master student of medical science, specialized on molecular ongology.

Guianfranco MAZZEI
Head of Kyushu Region

Nationality: Peruvian
School: Kyushu University / PhD
Arrival in Japan: 2014
Guianfranco is currently performing research in neurogenesis mechanisms on Alzheimer’s Disease.

Head of Hokkaido Region

Nationality: Bangladesh
School: Hokkaido University / Masters
Arrival in Japan: 2017
A molecular microbiologist by profession and musician and entrepreneur by passion. Currently developing a low cost and sustainable system for the production of biomolecules with the help of plant-microbe symbiosis as my Masters research. I’m interested in the usage of microorganisms for a sustainable and eco-friendly biotechnology industry.

Choon Wei VUN
Budget and Accounts Officer

Nationality: Malysian
School: The Graduate University for Advanced Studies / PhD
Arrival in Japan: 2017
PhD in Planetary Science.

External Relations Officer

Nationality: Kazakhstani
School: University of Tsukuba
Arrival in Japan: 2017
Almas is currently studying under the “1+3” Combined MA and PhD Program in Japanese and Eurasian Studies.

Devangi YADAV
External Relations Officer

Nationality: Indian
School: Osaka University / Undergraduate
Arrival in Japan: 2015
Devangi is Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Electronics, interested in Economics, Social Entrepreneurship and bringing a positive impact in society.

Website Content Coordinator

Nationality: Indian
School: University of Tsukuba / Masters
Arrival in Japan: 2017
I am a chemical engineer currently involved in the research of new and emerging waste water treatment processes.

Website Manager

Nationality: Thai
School: Tokyo Institute of Technology / Undergraduate
Arrival in Japan: 2015
Nattanon is especially interested in artificial intelligence, intelligent personal assistants, and digital advertising.


Stéphane FOUCHÉ

Nationality: Haitian
School: Kyushu University / Japanese Studies
Arrival in Japan: 2013 – 2014 (Exchange), Returned to Japan in 2015.
Stéphane co-lead the early expansion efforts of HLAB, was the member of the co-founding team of Komatsu Summer School and founded the Harvard Japan Career Forum. He currently works as the youngest manager one of Japan’s largest IT, Digital Contents & e-service platforms and is also the advisor to Taktopia.

Gustavo DORE

Nationality: Brazilian
School: Keio University / Masters
Arrival in Japan: 2009
Gustavo is the CEO of Motify. He wants to change how people work through technology. Loves IoT, startups, videogames, AR and organization psychology. If you want to start a business in Japan, He might be able to help. =)