Leadership – Kanto Team

Operated by the Head of Tokyo Region in conjunction with other central committee members based in Tokyo.

Head of Kanto Region

Nationality: Greek
School: Keio University / Masters
Arrival in Japan: 2018
Harry is an architect engineer and filmmaker, with studies and professional experience in Greece and Germany. Currently pursuing a masters in Media Design in Keio University, his research focuses on Augmented Reality and Haptics, at the intersection of design and technology.

Tazbir AHMED
Team Member

Nationality: Bangladeshi
School: The University of Tokyo / Ph.D.
Arrival in Japan: 2017
Tazbir is an eye doctor. Currently studying at Department of Ophthalmology, The University of Tokyo as a research student. His research topic is related to retina & visual science.

Stephen FLORES
Team Member

Nationality: Filipino
School: Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology / Ph.D.
Arrival in Japan: 2017
Stephen currently works on the physico-chemical properties of different polymer blends for food and industrial purposes.

Team Member

Nationality: Ukraine
School: Hitotsubashi University / Japanese Studies Program
Arrival in Japan: 2017
Antonina currently enrolled in the Japanese Studies Program which provides studying japanese language and culture.