Author: Iva Petkovic

Alumni Voices

Dive into the world of PLASTIC LOVE! the documentary film unwrapping Japan’s toxic affair with plastic

Interview with MEXT Alumni who produced and directed the film covering Japan’s use of plastic, its system and attitude around it. Filmmakers Sybilla Patrizia and Clementine Nuttall met in the…

Scholars Voices

The Man Behind Making Japan Higher Education More Accessible

M Saiham Hossain  MEXT Scholar at Ritsumeikan University Even 5 years ago, when someone said study abroad, people usually thought about the US, UK,  Australia and the other English-speaking countries,…

Scholars Voices

That One Time I Identified with GRIT

Lian Sabella Castillo MEXT Research Student class 2020 This isn’t an excessively inspirational story. In fact, I’d want it to be as close to reality as possible. To put it…