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Who do I approach if I need help?

SUMMARY Whatever difficulties you are facing, be aware that there is always support available These can include dormitory tutors, school student counsellors, anonymous counselling services etc. Please view the full…


Job hunting in Japan as an international student

SUMMARY Be aware of the fact that the job hunting cycle is entirely different from most other countries in the world. More specifically, job-hunting can start as early as the…


Part time work as a MEXT scholar

SUMMARY Work permit is needed for most part time jobs However, if you are looking for a long part-time job you need a work permit. You are limited to working…


How do I get an internship in Japan?

SUMMARY Be aware that in Japan, “internship” can mean short work experiences of say a week or less Long-term internships are available if you know where to look Benefits include…


What will I be spending my scholarship on?

SUMMARY There is usually no need to pay for anything related to studies/ research Most of your scholarship will be used to cover your living expenses (food, rent, transportation, health…


How can I get more involved with the MEXT scholar community?

SUMMARY The easiest way to be more involved with the MEXT scholar community? Become a part of MEXT Scholars Association! Consider joining our mailing list and our Facebook group. You…


What will happen if I cannot sign for the scholarship?

SUMMARY There are two monthly deadlines for signing each month. Even if you fail the first one, as long as you sign by the second, your allowance will just be…


Are there any communities where I can get free furniture or get rid of mine?

SUMMARY Dormitories usually provide furniture, but rental apartments don’t Ways of getting furniture (Beside buying first hand from shops, 100yen stores, websites) Personal connections, direct trade websites  – can be…