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Vegan restaurants in Tokyo

As we know there are many students in Tokyo who are either vegetarian or vegan, we listed a few of the most popular vegan places and restaurants in Tokyo! Being…


All you need to know about the National Health Insurance

Most of you after immediately coming to Japan will probably be issued with a health insurance card – something like in the image above. This heavily subsidizes your healthcare courses…


Job Hunting in Japan – FULL GUIDE to Foreign Student Recruiters, When and When Not To Use Them

Top photo by ijmaki. You may have heard of foreign student recruiters – particularly when thinking about working in Japan. But what do they do? Why should you work with…


Full Guide to Renting for Students in Japan  – With Special Discount for MEXT Scholars!

Title image by turkeychik. Going through the tedious process of finding the perfect apartment in Japan can often be frustrating. There is the paperwork in a foreign language, some serious money…


How Do I Extend the Scholarship When I End My Current Course and What are the Conditions?

Written by: Ly Techsrun * This article will be divided into the following groups for the scholarship extensions for: A. Specialized training colleges to undergraduate courses B. Bachelors to Masters’…


Can I do my BA / MA and PhD at different universities?

SUMMARY Yes, You may be allowed to if you meet the following conditions: If there is no significant change in the research field or major in your college. And if…


What job opportunities do I have after I graduate?

SUMMARY Your post-graduation plans will depend heavily on the following: What career you want What you can offer to potential employers What kind of opportunities you get to know as…


Is it possible to go on exchange while on MEXT scholarship?

SUMMARY Yes, it is possible, but monthly allowance might be stopped while you are abroad and your scholarship term will not be extended. As a delicate issue, be sure to…


Who do I approach if I need help?

SUMMARY Whatever difficulties you are facing, be aware that there is always support available These can include dormitory tutors, school student counsellors, anonymous counselling services etc. Please view the full…


Job hunting in Japan as an international student

SUMMARY Be aware of the fact that the job hunting cycle is entirely different from most other countries in the world. More specifically, job-hunting can start as early as the…