Is it possible to go on exchange while on MEXT scholarship?


  • Yes, it is possible, but monthly allowance might be stopped while you are abroad and your scholarship term will not be extended.
  • As a delicate issue, be sure to contact your supervisor and your office the soonest possible before applying to go abroad.

Written by: Pedro Couteiro

Can I go on exchange as a MEXT scholar?

As MEXT scholars, we are expected to stay in Japan during our scholarship term, but we might receive permission to go abroad for activities that relate to our fields as long as it does not delay our expected graduation date. That being said, please note that the general rule of not receiving monthly allowance if outside Japan still applies, so receiving permission to go abroad does not equal being able to receive the allowance when abroad.

How can I still continue receiving the scholarship while being out of country?

Procedures for receiving the allowance abroad do exist, but these are usually restricted to cases where going abroad is not only directly related to your research but mostly unavoidable. Such cases include where your research needs data that can only be collected abroad or your academic advisor is temporarily in a university outside Japan. In case you think you qualify, you can contact your office and check the procedures.

Allowance aside, if you can afford an exchange study and do not mind losing some scholarship money for the period of your stay abroad, it is surely not forbidden and every year there are a couple of people doing it. Get your advisor’s permission, tell your office as soon as possible and good luck.

Please note that the above are the general principles for going abroad while being a MEXT student and that in the very small minority of cases there may be exceptions. Please confirm any doubts with your foreign students’ office.

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These guide articles are meant to be advice based on the experience of current and previous scholars. Given how situations may change depending on the school, region or year etc., we urge any scholars to approach the relevant authorities in your school if you have any doubts or concerns.

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