UPDATED (7th Apr): Special Scholarship Signing Procedures due to Corona Virus

In addition to the following document, MSA has asked MEXT for some clarifiactions – a Q&A has been attached at the bottom with the translations of the replies we received.

UPDATE: 10th Apr. JASSO has also added a new Q&A about the scholarship signings. MSA has translated it and this update can be found below.

There has been an update to the procedures regarding scholarship signings. The updated guidelines in this document were published on 1st April 2020 through JASSO’s official page.

MSA’s emergency crisis translation team has gone ahead to translate the official measures published through JASSO’s website. Once again please note that this is not an official translation but we hope that this will provide some clarity for anyone who is confused. We will update with more news as and when we hear of new developments.

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If you have any official information that is only available in Japanese and wish to have it translated please forward the relevant information to: [email protected]

Additional FAQ published by JASSO – 10th April.

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Replies from MEXT about commonly asked questions.

I have returned to Japan but have to serve a quarantine at a hotel for 14 days. Will the costs of this hotel be covered?

No. The hotel stay costs will have to be borne by yourself

Can I still receive the scholarship if I leave Japan in April to go back home while taking online lessons.

No. This special provision is limited to those who have not been able to return to Japan, not those who have chosen to leave Japan during this period.

What do I need to do to ensure I receive the scholarship while being overseas?

The paperwork necessary should be handled by your university. However, each university has their own procedures so please check with your university if there are documents that you yourself have to submit.

Please note that aside from online classes, research work under the instructions of your professors etc. done from overseas also can qualify.

MSA’S side note: Given the above we urge ALL scholars currently overseas to contact their student departments and/or professors ASAP to check if they qualify and that there is evidence that academic activity is being done from overseas.

I am currently overseas and cannot return by April. My university has delayed the start of the term to May or after. Will I still receive my scholarship under the terms above? (Where scholarships will be paid if the term start is delayed).


I am currently overseas. My school has not made provisions for online classes and has not changed the start of their school date. Can I still receive the scholarship?

No. This provision only applies for schools which have moved their start date to May and later and only for scholars currently in Japan.

However, you may be eligible if you can show that you are conducting academic activities. (See above).


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