Free use of language learning tool (iKnow) for MEXT scholars!

We all know that the MEXT scholarship is difficult to get – but what we often don’t know are the wonderful things that former scholars are doing to impact society.

Luke, one of these former MEXT scholars, for example, was one of the team who created the online language learning platform called “iKnow” ( This is a platform which boasts tens of thousands of users and which is even used by universities to teach languages.

Usually a membership costs around 10,000 yen a year, but Luke has kindly offered MSA members free one-year memberships in order to give back to the community!

The tool in itself not only offers content in Japanese, but also in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. Features include a curriculum which caters to students of all levels, quizzes, vocabulary explanations and even audio guides.

From our side in MSA, we really want members to take advantage of this tool to further our language abilities – not least in Japanese. MSA is also working hard to, like in this example, bring in more deals which will benefit our members.

Let’s take this great (and free!) opportunity to improve our Japanese!

The iKnow signups for this batch have concluded at the second half of November with members who have indicated interest able to use iKnow until the beginning of November in 2018. A new round of signups and account activations may be held at with the entry of the next batch of scholars next year.

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