On the 26th of May, Saturday, the MEXT Scholars Association held a seminar on diversity at the workplace in partnership with Probity Global Search, a boutique recruiting agency, and Hofstede Insights Japan, an HR consultancy.

As an outreach event, this seminar was mainly attended by working members of the public, both foreign and Japanese. Its theme was Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions, a management framework widely employed in multinational companies worldwide.

Three facilitators from Hofstede Insights Japan provided a general introduction to the different aspects of the framework, interspersing their presentation with short group discussions for participants to share their experiences in a diverse work environment. Through the seminar, participants better recognized the dimensions in which one’s cultural makeup may differ from that of business acquaintances, and picked up effective methods of communication and decision-making that improve working relationships with people of different cultural backgrounds. The session concluded with drinks, snacks and light conversation.

Looking forward, the MEXT Scholars Association hopes to organize similar outreach events that both contribute to our alumni members’ career development, and promote among the general public an increased understanding of international diversity.

Written by Royce Lee.


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