Our Kanto region Bonenkai (End-of-year party) for 2018 was held on December 22nd, organized by the Kanto Regional Committee. A total of 14 scholars and alumni met at a Showa-period-themed izakaya in Shibuya. 

In a cosy environment with old ads, low lighting and a vintage twist, attendees had the opportunity to meet new faces, as well as connect with older MSA members and alumni. Among delicious dishes and drinks (always considerate for dietary and cultural inclusivity), conversations ranged from relaxed jokes and goofing to classic life-in-Tokyo issues and professional chit-chat.

It’s always refreshing to enjoy the company of people from varied cultural backgrounds. Quite a few new members expressed their interest in getting more actively involved within the MSA, something which was very positively received by the members of the Kanto Regional Committee!

After some hours, we found ourselves waving each other goodbye in a chilled Christmas atmosphere around the bustling streets of Shibuya, and renewing our rendez-vous for the New Year, a year that will hopefully bring significant growth to the MSA and happiness to all of us! 

Written by Harry Krekoukiotis.


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