New Partnership between MEXT Scholars Association and JSB Network to Solve Renting Difficulties of Foreign Students in Japan

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MSA will assist in publicizing JSB Network’s foreign-student friendly renting service. Special discount to MEXT scholars included in the partnership.

| June 8th, 2019

Tokyo, Japan – MEXT Scholars Association (hereby MSA) and JSB Network, one of the largest providers of student housing in Japan have announced a new partnership with JSB Network’s UniLifeGlobal service. Through this collaboration, foreign students using UnilifeGlobal through MS will also enjoy a 30% discount on the realtor fee, when they use UniLifeGlobal service.

Finding an apartment is one of the many problems which almost all the foreigners face during their time in Japan. Foreign students in particular face further difficulties when renting as they often have no fixed income and also a legal guarantor is absent.

Other difficulties include heavy downpayment – the deposit, the real estate agency commission fee, plus the first months rent, property insurance, an annual maintenance fee and a key exchange fee which can easily total more than 400,000 yen. The amount of paperwork and lack of foreign language support compound this.

JSB Network has operated a service – UniLifeGlobal – since 2017 aimed at solving these problems. Key features of the service include the following:

  1. Most apartments featured on UniLifeGlobal do not require a guarantor (or guaranteeing company)
  2. All apartments on UniLifeGlobal are open to foreign students to rent.
  3. Foreign language support is available – either in two physical JSB shops in Kyoto and in Tokyo, through a telephone hotline or through email.

This initiative will hopefully solve the problems of foreign students through drastically cutting the initial cost to rent as well as lowering the administrative barriers for foreign students.

MSA, a non-profit organization, is the largest organization representing recipients of the prestigious MEXT scholarship in Japan. MSA has been working hand-in-hand with many corporations in Japan to improve the conditions for foreign students so can make the best use of their time in Japan and maximize their opportunities.

Through this partnership, MSA will publicize UniLifeGlobal its members and also to foreign students as a whole. In addition, all students renting with JSB through MSA will get a 30% discount on the real estate agent fee for any rentals through UniLife or UniLifeGlobal.

Both the organizations are excited to see the difference that this can make in the lives of MEXT scholars living in Japan and in making Japan a more welcoming society for foreign students.

Enquiry form for renting with UniLifeGlobal can be found here:

* Revision: As of March 2020, the discount which can be enjoyed has been extended to all foreign students in Japan and not just MEXT scholars. The press release has been updated to reflect this.

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| 2019年6月8日

東京 – 文部科学省国費留学生協会(下記:MSA)と、国内の学生マンションの最大手のジェイ・エス・ビー・ネットワーク(下記:JSB-NW)が業務提携を締結しました。両者は、JSB-NWが運営する、留学生向けの賃貸サービス「UniLifeGlobal」の広報にMSAが協力することと、MSAを通じてUniLifeGlobalを利用する留学生の利用料の3割引が適応されることで合意しました。



  1. UniLifeGlobalに掲載されているほとんどの物件は保証人・保証会社を必要としません。
  2. UniLifeGlobalに掲載されている全物件は、留学生という理由で賃貸を拒否されることはありません。
  3. 東京・京都の二店舗のUniLifeGlobal店、電話ホットラインおよびメールにて外国語での対応は可能です。






* 修正: 2020年3月より、3割引が文部科学省奨学金留学生のみではなく、適応範囲が日本にいる外国人留学生全員に広まりました。こちらのプレスリリースの文章はこれに基づいて、修正をしました。

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    • Thank you for the question!
      The service applies to the whole of Japan – that being said JSB may not have that many properties in some areas. The easiest way to check is to send them a message (English is fine) through either their facebook or through the contact form on UniLifeGLobal

    • Unfortunately JSB only offers student apartments so this service is aimed at current scholars. We are working to give alumni a similar deal in the future though!

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