MEXT Scholars Giving Back Initiative – Crowdfunding to Support new MEXT Scholars (2020-2021) with Quarantine Fees

MSA has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support MEXT scholars entering Japan in 2021 and who have to pay for their own quarantine fees. We are calling for donations from new scholars and alumni to support new scholars with these fees.

For the full crowdfunding campaign details and how to contribute please see this link.

Background and why the money is needed.

While the entry of MEXT scholars have currently been able to enter Japan, MEXT scholars in principle have had to pay for their own quarantine expenses. These expenses were graciously covered by MEXT until January 2021, with scholars entering later in the year having to pay for these fees themselves.

In addition, because quarantine is under strict conditions and arranged by travel agencies, scholars have no choice over the costs nor location of quarantine. Expenses that MSA has seen from incoming scholars who have already arrived in Japan average around ¥150,000, with one scholar being charged more than ¥350,000 for her quarantine accommodation room alone. While a minority may be eligible for reimbursement through their university, it seems that this is an exception to the general rule.

The MEXT Scholars Association (MSA), an organization dedicated to providing social and career support to government-funded students in Japan, has decided to seek donations to help reduce this burden. Our goal is to raise a total of Ұ3,000,000. Assuming that the average payout to a scholar is ¥60,000, this will be enough for us to support 50 scholars.

However, given that more than 3000 students arrive each year as part of the MEXT Scholarship Program, the genuine need is likely much higher. While this project mainly relies on the generosity of alumni and current students, we also appreciate any support from individuals with a connection to similar MEXT programs or the desire to help international students in Japan.

MSA itself will contribute Ұ500,000 to the fund. The collected total will be used to support incoming students regardless of whether or not the funding goal is reached.

People who wish to contribute may access the full details of the campaign here.

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